Chastity Garner Shares Her Secrets To Getting A Killer Social Media Following

At this point, you’re probably familiar with our friend Chastity Garner. She’s a fashion blogger with nearly one million Facebook fans and over 200 thousand followers on Instagram. If you’re starting your own site, blog, or business, you know how impressive that is. So we had to pick her brain and steal some of her secrets to success. Here, her best ones so you can take things to the next level.

1. Know your audience

“I analyze what people react to,” she explained. “So if I know my audience likes a particular style of clothing, then that’s something that I’m going to post. If I know they like inspirational quotes, then I’m going to post those.” Of course, to do this you need to constantly be aware, it’s not just a one and done kind of thing. “It’s always changing also because especially with Facebook, the algorithm changes all the time. So you have to pay attention to what your audience likes and what they don’t like. You want to be authentic to yourself but you have to mesh your wants with what your audience wants and then come together in the middle.”

3. Post diverse content
While you want to know your audience, as Chastity notes in point number one, it’s also important to mix things up, or else readers can get bored. “You can’t always put yourself through your feed,” she said. “People get tired of that real quick.”

4. Ignore the haters

Once you start to grow, there’s a chance not every comment you get will be one you love. “I would say I get 80% positive comments and 20% negative. A lot of times when it’s negative, the person is coming from outside of the plus size space. Even though I’m so involved in my social media, sometimes I have to take a step back because it can really affect my day,” she explained.


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