Pep Guardiola shows how Jose Mourinho needs to rethink obsession with instant success

Late on Tuesday night and Pep Guardiola was unburdening himself of some of the psychological freight of managing an elite European football club and musing on the unkind equation that only one of the superpowers of the new era get to win the Champions League every year.

In the euphoria of victory you often see a different Guardiola, battling his persistent cough, wired by the 90 minutes that have passed and eager to confess that even he cannot translate the world’s biggest fossil-fuel fortune into a machine that wins trophies the way his Barcelona briefly did.

You get the impression it is an issue that runs on his mental hard-drive in perpetuity, and only every now and then does he let everyone else in on it. Sometimes, Guardiola conceded, you can do all within your power, but you need something, a stray Sergi Roberto pass across his own area, for instance, to permit your own best practice. 


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