Dropped iPhone 7 Plus goes boom in China

Great. Another phone with a “7” in its name has gone combustion overlord on us and that’s the sign that will worry everyone about Apple’s Galaxy Note 7 problem.

In Yunnan, one person dropped their iPhone 7 Plus by accident and was treated to more than dings and a cracked screen, but an out-of-proportion explosion that paginated the innards out of the casing.

The drop was supposedly just under two feet.

So, do you have to be worried about impact shock blowing up your new iPhone? Do you have to worry about an iPhone 7 consuming your car with flames? One such explosion struck up in Gerroa, New South Wales, in Australia late last month. Apple’s investigating that event. Another explosion occurred while someone in Henan Province shot video with their iPhone 7.

Do you have to be worried about charging your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s? Several of those have burnt up in recent weeks.

Should phones ever have a battery again? Maybe. But after Samsung let itself down in its response to the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, to see Infinite Loop not issue a preliminary statement at the very least is somewhat worrisome.


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