Kanye West Says He Would’ve Voted for Donald Trump in the Election

The second leg of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour kicked off in California tonight, and as a special surprise, ‘Ye decided to get some political thoughts off of his chest. Speaking for the first time since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, Kanye said he didn’t vote this year, but that he would’ve voted for Trump. 

Not only that, but Kanye apparently doubled down on the notion of himself running for President in 2020 and said he is focused on becoming a different type of President if nobody else is up for the job. Twitter user @RaptorJesuss was on hand at the show to pull out some major quotes from Kanye’s speech. “Rappers are philosophers of our now, celebrities are the influencers of our now, just look at the President, he wasn’t in politics and won,” Kanye apparently said to the crowd.

It’s unclear why Kanye didn’t decide to vote in this year’s election, but it is rather interesting that he’s talking so serious about running himself in 2020. While we’re still waiting for video of the speech, Kanye also apparently told the crowd that he liked Trump’s campaign and the entertainment of the Presidential debates.

With Kanye set to embark on a number of Saint Pablo tour dates in the coming weeks, it will be very interesting to see if he continues to bring up politics and the possibility of his own run at the Presidency in 2020 in the near future. Throughout the show, Kanye apparently told the audience his concerts were safe for everyone, whether they voted for Trump or Hillary Clinton.


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