Trump ally: Mitt Romney a ‘self-serving egomaniac’ 

New York Rep. Chris Collins on Monday criticized Mitt Romney, a possible Secretary of State nominee in the new administration, calling him a “self-serving egomaniac.”

“What do I know about Mitt Romney? I know that he’s a self-serving egomaniac who puts himself first, who has a chip on his shoulder, and thinks that he should be president of the United States,” Collins, a Donald Trump backer, told host Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”
“There’s no love lost between me and Mitt Romney,” Collins added.

The New York Republican — the first member of the House of Representatives to endorse Trump during the primary — said he respects the president’s prerogative but wouldn’t select Romney if it were up to him.

“I’m going to leave it up to President-elect Trump to pick the people in his Cabinet that he thinks can serve in his administration,”
Collins said. “Would I choose him? No. But if President-elect Trump does, I will certainly support that decision.”

He explained his concern that Romney “is a bit of a lone wolf and might not take the advice or the direction of President-elect Trump,” and added that “I have not seen in Mitt Romney the personality traits of someone who will take his direction.”

Collins’ criticism echoes a push by Trump loyalists, led by top aide Kellyanne Conway, who have voiced major concerns about Romney — a biting critic of Trump during his candidacy — and instead favored Rudy Giuliani for the Secretary of State position. Sources within the Trump campaign say both men are top candidates for the position.


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