New Samsung Leak Reveals Big Galaxy S8 And Hints At Death Of Note Line

Following the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung needs the Galaxy S8 to be big, and according to a new leak from South Korean site Naver, the South Korean tech giant is doing just that — literally.

According to the report (in Korean, which I had a friend translate for me), the standard S8 will come in a 5-inch display package, while the new S8 Plus will rock a 6-inch display. That’s larger than even the Note 7’s 5.7-inch, but with rumours of the next Galaxy phones going near bezel-less a la the Xiaomi Mi Mix, it’s possible the 6-inch plus phone won’t even be that much bigger than the Note 7’s already sleek build.

The report, citing a source within Samsung, says both S8 models will have a curved screen, which is in line with previous rumors of Samsung scrapping the flat model completely.

Samsung’s decision to go that big with the S8 Plus is interesting, since the company has always let the Note line stand out from the S line by being the “big” phone. Even with the Note 7 last year (which felt like a refined S7 Edge with a stylus), many had already begun to comment that the lines between the two lines were blurring. Now with the S8 Plus going completely into Note screen size category, along with the Note line’s seriously tarnished brand name, I’m thinking this means there will be no Note 8.

Both S8s will be unveiled in April in New York. I’m assuming Samsung has figured out the cause of the Note 7 battery problems by now, if they’re moving full on with the S8 release.


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