Vivíca Fox cries over 50 Cent

Vivica A. Fox just opened up about her past relationship with 50 Cent, and boy, did the interview end way differently than we expected. If you don’t remember, Vivica and 50 dated in 2003. Post-breakup, Vivica appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and accused 50 of making her into a villain. Then, in 2009, 50 appeared on that same show and said they had made peace. 

But not so fast — in 2015, Vivica appeared on Watch What Happens Live and insinuated that 50 was gay.

Basically, they have a rocky post-relationship. So when Wendy Williams found out that 50 and Vivica had run into each other at a Knicks game, she asked the hard-hitting questions, like “What were you wearing?” and “How was your makeup?” Vivica then talked about 50 and got a little teary-eyed while doing it. She said, 

I will always have love for him. As much as we’ve been through, I will always have love for him. He was literally my true love and I hated to have to beef with him, but I’m not gonna let nobody mess with me. I ain’t no punk!

Well, that whole relationship saga took an interesting turn! We hope this is the closure that Vivica and 50 needed.


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