GKate Mara and Jamie Bell are Engaged and We Can See The Ring | Glamour

For the last year, we’ve had one burning question: Are the stars of The Fantastic Four, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell engaged? And now we finally have the answer: They are totally getting married!
The movie star couple started dating back in the fall of 2015 after filming the big screen adaptation of the comic book series in which Mara plays The Invisible Woman and Bell, who was previously married to Evan Rachel Wood, plays The Thing. 

Then, just a little over a year later, the couple were spotted at Paris Fashion Week where Mara was sporting a ring on that finger. At the time, they were asked if that meant they were engaged, and Bell said no while Mara just chuckled. 

We suspect they might have been fibbing, but we’ll forgive them because after Mara posted a pretty obvious photo on Twitter, E! News got confirmation that wedding bells will soon be ringing.

Here’s a snap of Mara in Paris when the ring was first spotted on her finger. If you zoom in, you can definitely tell there’s something there.

The more recent picture is much more clear. It even looks gorgeous dressed down in all that football attire.


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