Who Won Fashion Today: Camila Cabella

Look, I’ll be honest. This outfit caught my eye before I even knew who was wearing it. And when I found out her name, I was all like, “Wait, is it that girl from Fifth Harmony that left the group and started all that drama?” 

Truth be told, Camila Cabello—who this past December left the girl band that made her famous—has never really caught my eye. She’s stayed pretty consistent with her look: loads of booty shorts, patent leather thigh-highs, and bustiers. That is, until yesterday.

Buckle up Lauren, Normani, Dinah, and Ally: Camila may just be beginning her rounds on the fashion circuit.

Homegirl has always known how to bare her midriff, but now she’s elevating the crop top look by pairing it with a long coat and pajama-style striped pants … made by THE Virgil 

Abloh for Off-White. So now you’re thinking, “But wait. That bow? What about that bow in her hair?” Well, personally, I love a bow and support her decision to have fun with her look. More power to you, you winner! THIS is how to make your friends miss you much.


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